Comments, Quotes and Kudos

Here are some recent comments and critiques that models, photographers and Models have sent me.
I really have made this page to remind myself why I do this.  

Well I was sitting thinking to myself how much I talk about how great  you (digitalwilly) are...but then thought again and said I dont think I
ever told you. So there ya go....I love your work
. - Model ToriAngel Feb 22, 2006

OOOOOOOOH! I really like this image! Its awesome. Yay! :-)  Feb 10th, 2006 - Model Kemara

Wow, what a great pic. Love it and wish I was one of those girls  - Jan 19th, 2006 - Model Dorothy

We met during the last workshop in Greg's studio on January 15th. I just check your website and it's beautiful! You told me "I am not a pro" but actually you are. There are so many things I can learn from your photos, and your works help me with finding new ideas. I also very much appreciate your permission for me to stay in the studio during your private session, may be in the future I will ask you to let me in to learn technics. Thanks for your help, your idea with baloons as a background was the best!  - Thanks, Dmitriy (Photographer) - Jan 18, 2006

Hi Bill! - I've become a fan of your photography for some time now... congratulations on an elegant website! You have an unusually keen eye for bringing out a subtle emotional conflict in your work. Thank you for sharing your intriguing photos online. Have a warm and Happy Holidays! - Alex Cohen - Photographer - Dec 18, 2005

You'r the coolest. You're soooooooooo good. Dec 11th, 2006 - Model Mandy -

Willie theyare great!!! I really like it, your work is amazing! Thanks so much, I had so much fun! -
Dec 3rd, 2005 - Megan (Not a model jus a private client)

I saw a photo you took of my friend Danielle and was blown away. I went to your site and I really love your glamour work.
Would you work with me on a TF P/CD basis?
- Model Krisha - Dec 1st 2005

I am just getting into glamour photography and did a google search on Glamour workshops in NJ and stumbled on your FAQ web page.
I have to say that I am very impressed with your photographs. They look a lot better than the photos on the web page of the workshop
that you mentioned. It seems like the mentee is becoming the mentor. May 30th 2005 Anthony Manno.

Ran across one of your photos and then took a look at your bio and several the pics in your portfolio. All I have to say is, "Way to Kick Ass."
Hope you make it to where 
you want to go. Email from Russ DavisPhotographer May 28, 2005

Ive worked with a lot more photographers recently and I still seem to like your work the best. It would be great if you could find the time to work with me.-Model Victoria M - May 25th 2005

That is THE coolest x-mas pic EVER!!!!! How did you DO that?!?!? It's brilliant. LOL!
~ Model Ivy D. May 12th 2005

Thanks again for your advice and letting me follow you around when I'm at the workshops. This has
been very valuable to me
. - Photographer Hut. Hut Photographic - April 30th 2005

Your resourcefulness is amazing. Your approach to your craft is amazing looking at all of the other shots. Just your great selection of models and poses make be believe that you have developed your own style that is fresh and tentalizing. - Cesar Vargas - A professional Photographer - April 27th 2005

I had a great time working with you. Thank you for taking so many great shots w/ me! - Model KarenAnn March 22, 2005

What can I add about this wonderful Work?. One of my Models said ,admiring your Photo, that the young Lady is a Angel, warm, tender and soft and I do agree with her: she is perfect. Lighting is excellent. Your skills and creativiy are awesome. Cheers, Sergio - Sergio Saurius, A Pro Photographer - Feb 23, 2005
Yes i recieved them...they look great we do great work together!!!!! thank you - Model Kristine Clark - Feb 02, 2005

Hey Digital Willy!  A friend of mine Steve C. sent me to your website and I was blown away.  You take some awesome pictures! - Model Emii - December 29th 2004

Thanks Bill, I really appreciate your extra just sort of makes the whole idea of the workshop seem not about photography but, more about guys wanting girls to get nude and I am sort of turned off to it now...but I i know there are still some profesionals there, like you and i appreciate it. Thanks, Jodie -  Model Jodie - Dec 4, 2004

Thanks :) so much ur an amazing photographer and i cant wait to work with you again u definitly have my best recomendation
 i am referring all my friends to you.  October 28th, 2004 - Certainly an honor since LisaMarie is in the November 2004 issue of FHM magazine (pages 20, 92 & 94) She is a sweetheart which I hope to shoot again -

Shooting with digital willy was a great experience.. he sent me the photos as soon as he could which I credit him for because sometimes I’ve waited 3 months to get pictures back which is ridiculous..  He was so nice and he gave me the exact shots I wanted.. He’s wonderful to work with and I can only hope that we work together many many times.. He’s a genuine and hard working photographer!! You would LOVE to work with him! - Model LisaMarie - October 28th, 2004

Shooting with digital willy was a great experience..he sent me the photos as soon as he could which I credit him for because sometimes I’ve waited 3 months to get pictures back which is ridiculous.. He was so nice and he gave me the exact shots I wanted..He’s wonderful to work with and I can only hope that we work together many many times..He’s a genuine and hard working photographer!! You would LOVE to work with him!
  - Model Lisa Marie Blummer - October 26th 2004

That is one incredible have some unbeleivable images and the most gorgeous models! I can't decide what type of shots I saw that were my favorite because there are too many different styles to choose from! Some of the 3-D ones blew my mind-so creative. - July 25th 2004 - Model Natasha Kole - OMP #93442

Rarely is so much talent so underpaid! -  July 14th 2004 - Lance is a mutli-millionaire entrepreneur and graduate of Yale and Harvard. He sits on the Board of Directors for 6 companies and lives in CT in a Mansion. He will be hiring me to give his daughters some photography tips.

Bill...these pics are AMAZING!!! I am so happy with your work. Thank you for making me look so beautiful - Abbie - June 14th 2004 from Model Arabella Marie "Abbie" .

I would like to let you know how much I love your work. I would like to start a portfolio but alot of the pictures from the workshop I'm not to proud of. I was wondering if maybe in the future we could do a one on one together so that I can get some prints.  Hop to here from you soon. Thanks Again! - Model Kristyn  - June 16th 2004

Wow! That's all I have to say. You ARE a good photographer. You can make a glamour model out of a FROG ;-) Yeah, please add my e-mail address to the website. Gosh, I enjoy it so muchThank you Bill. May 19th from Model Dana.

Do I like the picture? I love it!!! It's very dreamy and delicate and peaceful. The ones you sent me are just out of this world or so my boss says who just looked at my computer ;-) And he has good taste. Thanks. And yes!!! please e-mail me some more. I will have all my co-workers fall in love with me (only those few ones who are not in love with me yet of course.) And I love modelling so of course we'll have some photoshoots. Anytime anywhere... With such a great photographer!!! May 16th 2004 - Danuta "Dana" Jablownowska (First time modeling)

Thank you so much for such sweet and kind words.  You're also an amazing photographer with a great eye for taking beautiful images.  I am always so happy to get pics from you because they make me look so good whereas with some of the other photographers, I'm happy they send me images but they're not something I can use but with your stuff I'm leaving it for my own site because it's too good to waste right now.  Take care Dorothy
P.S.  The pic you sent me with Greg's pic was hilarious. LOL - Model Dorothy - March 16th, 2004 - Dorothy is one of the top models no doubt. I have earned a few "Showcase" awards at One Model Place thanks to her talent.

I have seen a lot of your work and it is great. I've also spoken with some of  the models you've shot and they say your'e both talented and professional. I'd like to chat about doing a shoot with you. Look forward to hearing from you. Model Gia Leigh - March 10, 2004

"Your photos are truly amazing! You have caught the female charm and natural naughtiness, without making it vulgar. You are a gifted photographer.
I wish I were as talented! Some of your father's talent must have rubbed off on you! Keep up the good work.... John "Russ" Gamwell" -
Feb 5, 2004 - Just a fellow photographer.

"Ok. Well for future reference, you are the only one who will get a TFP with me!" - Kylie Wild Jan 29th 2004 - This is my favorite model

"They're great thank you very much. Of all the pics that I have gotten back. yours are the best. Do you have some more that I can look at? Thank you
Model Alana Jade - Jan 25th 2004

 "Beautiful as usual...I absolutly love your style of photography...yes you have a style. Your models are always beautiful and your work speaks for its self. Great job....looking forward to seeing more soon! Robert Michael AKA: Flyrod  - Jan 24th 2004 A fellow photographer commenting on my image of Jada

"Hi Bill, All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!! That picture of me is sooo hot, I can't get over it. Yes, you can absolutely use it on your site. Let me know if you have any others, ok... Thanks so to you soon!"  An email from Miss Jamie Sweet - Jan 13th, 2004

"There is not too much to add to the comments about HAPPY NEW YEASR 2004 DENISE As a past director of the Manitoba Camera Club all I
can add is this is one of the best I have seen in the past 12 or so years. If you make one for next year I would appreciate a copy. Robert Wagner Sr."
   January 4, 2004 - Commenting on my image of "Denise 2004 - Happy New Year"

"Dear Bill, You did a splendid photography job for Bon-Ton's Bridal Week. You have a great eye for what to capture and  the ability to capture it. You certainly went the extra mile coming to the mall twice while your wife was away operating the garage sale and coming to the fashion show while she went on  a trip.  Bill You are the best!!"    M. Drecker - December 22, 2003 - Xmas Card

"Thank you so much.  You are a fantastic photographer, and I think that you will go far in it if you put your mind to it and work hard.  I hope that 2004 works out well for you.  You definitely deserve to run into a batch of good luck.  Keep me posted on how things are going." - Kelly Dane - a really good model and aspiring actress - She has been in many magazines and two episodes of MTV's "Fifth wheel"

"If Vargas had a digital camera he'd be named Willy! "   Scotty Moore - Director of Advertising - December 21st, 2003. Commenting on my image of Denise and Jamie

"A modern-day Alberto Vargas! Everything you attempted to achieve, you did with masterful style. Great pose, setting, lighting, lovely model! Congrats"
   David I - Photographer  in Florida - Commenting on my photo "Denise Net" denet.jpg

"Wow, breathtaking, both the models and the photo. I've been watching your images for a while and I must say you walk the walk. This has it all, the detail, sharpness, color and a master image maker's touch."    J. Dowens - Photographer - Dec 11th comment on my image "Lexi & Kelly" -

"First off, I am incredibly impressed with the work you have displayed online. I can't tell you how many sites I have reviewed, and none caught my eye the way  yours has. I was looking to have pictures done both for myself and as a sexy gift for my boyfriend. The combination of class and sex in many of your shots is just what I had in mind. I hope to hear from you soon! "   Shelby (Rutgers University) - November 27th, 2003 (email)

"Dear Digital Willy: I am going to college for photography. Your photos of Denise Ms. Vargas are outstanding. You are a great tech and a great
artist; a rare combination I might say. I am sure you know photoshop pretty well. I would like to know how you achieve skin tones. If you prefer
not to share; I am still grateful for pictures that give me vision. I mostly shoot out side and have no studio expirience. In next two weeks I will start
shooting in studio. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you"